Straw Hat: answering the most common questions!

4 common questions about Straw Hats

The straw hat is an accessory that never goes out of style, and it is becoming more and more usual when composing day-to-day looks. In this article we answer the main questions about how to take care of your straw hat, how to clean it, if it has UV protection and how to choose the best model for you. Check it out!

Does the straw hat have UV protection?

Many people have this doubt. And the answer is YES, all UV.LINE straw hats have maximum 50+ protection against UV rays. The protective treatment is applied directly to the straw, so you can wear your hat with no worries!

Which model to choose?

In addition to choosing which you think is the most beautiful, there are other things that can be taken into account. If you are worried about protecting mostly the face area, the Jurerê hat with sun protection has a 9cm wide brim and is a basic model for any occasion. The Giovana hat with sun protection also has a wide brim, but with the extra charm of the leather strap! And if you're looking for something more classic, the Shanghai hat with sun protection follows the “Panama” line, an essential accessory for men and women. No way to go wrong!

How to clean your straw hat?

The straw hat cannot get wet, as this damages the brim and crown! Therefore, we recommend wiping it with a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. If sweating or wetting the hat when using the hat, turn it upwards to facilitate evaporation. It is very important to dry it in the shade too! 😉

How to take it in a suitcase?

Finally, how to take it along with you on trips without damaging it? Our very valuable tip is: place the hat inside the suitcase with its face down, and fill it around and inside the cup with clothes! In that way it doesn't take too much space, and it also doesn't crumple!