How to take care of your hands and protect them from the sun?

Know the benefits and advantages of gloves with UV protection

Our hands are constantly exposed to UV radiation, but we usually don't pay much attention to protecting this region of our body. Find out why it is important to protect your hands from UV rays on a daily basis, and what are the advantages of wearing gloves with UV protection. See our collection of gloves with UV protection!

Why is it important to protect your hands from UV radiation?

Normally hand protection is neglected, making the effects of sunlight - which cause blemishes and premature aging - even more harmful. That is why having an accessory that guarantees maximum protection 50+ on a daily basis is essential and economical, since the gloves guarantee permanent protection.

When should I use gloves with UV protection?

It is recommended to use gloves on a daily basis and in any situation where your hands will be exposed to sunlight! Like, for example, while driving for a long time. Gloves with UV protection are ideal and recommended after depigmenting treatments, and for preventing blemishes and skin aging. It can also be used in the water!

Which glove model with sun protection is right for me?

There are two main models: short sleeved or long sleeved. If you spend a long time with your hands and arms exposed to the sun - as in a car trip, for example - the long sleeved model has the advantage of protecting your arm too. The models are in neutral colors - black or beige - to be used at any times.

What are the advantages of UV.LINE sun protection gloves?

UV.LINE models are approved by ARPANSA, which guarantees maximum permanent FPU50 + protection. The fabric is technological and quick-drying,
which does not cause a bad smell. The slip-resistant silk is also a great
differential, since it guarantees safety and firmness when driving!